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With a growing congregation and numerous visitors, Mount Canaan Baptist Church (The Mount) is a transformational and trendsetting body of believers right in the heart of Shreveport. We strive to be a Christ-centered, word driven ministry, challenging ourselves to develop doctrinally sound, bible-based believers in line with our C4 concept. Our Sunday School Instructors work tirelessly to equip and train our members to prepare for the challenging times in which we live through one of our C4 tenants, Christian Education. This is achieved through the teaching of basic biblical principles to our children and youth coupled with stimulating and thought-provoking study sessions with our adults. Sunday School is truly a life-changing experience on Alston Street. We look forward to seeing you at one of the classes below at The Mount!

Main Building Classes
Norma J. Blake Building Classes
Children & Youth Classes
Abundant Life

Abundant Life


Main (Multipurpose Room)

Instructor: Rev. Roy Cary
Instructor: Talmadge Mitchell

Christians Moving

Christians Moving In Stewardship


Main (East Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Willie Ann Carey
Instructor: Russell Minor

Grateful Believers

Grateful Believers


Main (West Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Earnestine Lester

The Vineyard

The Vineyard


Main (West Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Eve Goins
Instructor: Linda Taylor

The Path Finders

Path Finders

Location: Main (East Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Roy Thomas
Instructor: Lindsey Bonner
Instructor: Purvis Milner

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers

Our class is constantly in search of the true meaning of God's Word.  Our ultimate goal is to become mature disciples of God's word.  We are taught how to grow in our relationship with God and apply what we have learned to our everyday life and walk with God.  We believe that "information without application leads to frustration.” Our motto is rooted in Matthew 7:7 always striving to “Seek the Truth, Learn the Truth, Live the Truth.” 



Main (West Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Carlos Steward
Instructor: Frances Buffin

Safe Haven

Safe Haven


Main (West Auxiliary Hall)

Instructor: Herbert Murphy
Instructor: Susie Murphy

Agape' Love

Agape Love


Norma J. Blake

(Center Great Room)

Instructor: Rev. David Reed
Instructor: Billy Wayne
Instructor: Donnell Clarkson
Instructor: Marvalyn Jones
Instructor: Raymond Hill

New Creation

New Creation

Location: Norma J. Blake (MC-1)

Instructor: Paul Pratt
Instructor: Calvin Ben Lester

The Transformers


​Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We the members of the "Transformers Class" welcome you to join us in the study of God's word. As our name suggests the "Transformers Class” is about transforming individuals into who God created them to be. The class is biblically based with our motto stemming from Romans 12:2; "And do not be conformed to this world, but be "TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" As the Psalmist said "O taste and see that the Lord is good" Come and taste the Lord with us, and see just how good God is!

Location: Norma J. Blake (MC-2)
Instructor: Rev. John Lewis
Instructor: Glenn Robinson
Instructor: Josephine Wade
Instructor: William Mahoney, Jr.

Young Adult Christians

Young Adult Christians (Ages 18 & Up)

Mount Canaan's Adult Small Group Sunday Church School Class is lead by Pastor Greg L. Oliver Sr., assisted by Brother Fred Sanders.  This class is a ‘gumbo’ of young adults and the young at heart.  We study together, laugh together, grow together, and share together because we are all tryin’ to get to heaven. We value each others thoughts about the Bible and everyday life with a hope of understanding how biblical principles are relevant in each of our lives today.

Location: Norma J Blake (MC-3)
Instructor: Pastor Greg Oliver
Instructor: Frederick Sanders

Precious Angels

Precious Angels & Kings (Ages 3-4)

Our class provides caring, educational and loving environment for newborns to 5 years of age. The goal is to introduce them to the love of God in a Christian, biblical based environment as they grow to love the word of God.

Location: Main

(Nursery-East Auxiliary Hall)
Instructor: Elanor Brown

God's Busy Bees

God's Busy Bees (Kindergarten to 2nd Grades)

The Bible says, "Believe in God and you will be saved." Come join our Busy Bee class where children age kindergarten through 2nd grade are exposed to a solid biblical education through bible stories and crafts in a caring and loving environment.  Let us help them BE a BEE-liever and BEE-come a worker BEE for Jesus!


Location: NJ Blake (MC-4)
Instructor: Faith Johnson
Instructor: LaShanda Sanders
Instructor: OrLisa Johnson

Kids for Christ

Kids for Christ (3-5 Grades)

Location: NJ Blake (MC-5)

Instructor: Carlos Tate
Instructor: Melissa Tate

The Voice

The Voice (6-8 Grades)

In our class, we strive to teach the youth to use their voice!  Most importantly, we teach them how to apply GOD'S WORD to their everyday lives. We desire for them to be able to verbally express their opinions and understanding of scripture. By doing this, we can correct any misunderstandings they may have as to THE WORD and strengthen their oral skills. We allow and encourage conversations so that we will be better able to give them knowledge concerning the issues they have or may encounter. We talk to them on a level of understanding as to make it an enjoyable lesson that will stay with them.

Location: NJ Blake (MC-6)
Instructor: Andrew Wilson
Instructor: Lenora Wilson
Instructor: Regina Guerin

Ladder Climbers

Ladder Climbers (9-12 Grades)

Location: NJ Blake (MC-7)

Instructor: Brandon Brown
Instructor: Kimberly Brown
Instructor: Mickey Gremillion

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