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Mount Canaan has experienced phenomenal growth during the early years of Pastor Oliver’s leadership. Our membership has increased by well over two hundred members, and we have continued as a leading congregation in transforming ourselves and others into the image of Jesus Christ. God has sustained Mount Canaan through the unprecedented times of a coronavirus pandemic, as He has remained faithful to His promises to those who have made Him Lord and Savior. Pastor Oliver, in his commitment to God, encourages us to be both productive and impactful in our service to others.


The mission of the Mount Canaan Baptist Church is to continue to become more of a Christ-centered ministry through worship, the study of the Word, through the fellowship of the believers, and the equipping of the saints to be viable Kingdom representatives in their homes, communities, and the world.


A church grounded in the cross, growing in Christ, and giving to the community.


Christian Exaltation of Christ

(John 12:32)

Christian Exhortation of Other Christians

(Hebrews 10:25)

Christian Education

(Acts 17:11; Mathew 11:28-29)

Christian Empowerment to Impact Their Environment

(Ephesians 4:12)

About Our Pastor

Greg Lamar Oliver, Sr. is a man on a mission to advance the Kingdom of God. Pastoring and teaching reside in the heart of Pastor Oliver. This is evident as he led the growing congregation of True Vine Baptist Church for 22 years. Born as the youngest of eight children to the late Rev. Dr. L. B. Oliver and the late Margaret Long Oliver, he grew up worshipping God and fellowshipping with churches up and down the river in the city of Sicily Island, La. Upon graduating from the Concordia Parish School System, he attended Alcorn State University and later, the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He is a powerful voice that is heard across the nation as he teaches and preaches at various seminars, workshops, revivals and special programs. His love for God is demonstrated thorough his expository preaching methods and his exemplary leadership style. With a desire to spread the “Good News” in the northern region of Louisiana, Pastor Oliver spread True Vine’s worship opportunity into the city of Bastrop, La when he established True Vine Baptist Church North. This community can now experience the presence of God each Sunday morning during a spirit led worship service. It is without doubt that Pastor Greg L. Oliver, Sr. was a shepherd sent by God to lead the people of The Vine. On September 2, 2018, God gave Pastor Oliver a new assignment. It was on this day that he was installed as the 17th Pastor of the Mount Canaan Baptist Church. The church assignments may have changed but the mission to build the Kingdom of God remains the same. He is God’s Chosen Leader for Such a Time as This, the husband of Alisha Oliver, and the father of Greg Lamar Oliver, II and Belinda Alise Oliver.

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Staff Directory

Senior Pastor

Greg L. Oliver Sr.

Church Administrator

Travis Bogan

Church Clerk/Receptionist

Eve Goins

Pastor's Executive Assistant 

Priscilla Wade 

Technology Manager

LeRonn Burris

Membership Services Coordinator

Derrick Washington

Minister of Music

Jerry Maiden 


Samuel "Wayne" Sims


Michael Harris


Javario Smith


 Frederick "Wayne" Dangerfield


Robaerto Green


Vanessa Dunking                      


Mount Canaan isn’t just a church sitting on the hill on Alston Street, Mount Canaan is love. Mount Canaan isn’t just a building with open doors, we are a family with open arms. 

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